2020 Hickory Ridge Archery Shoot Schedule

June 20-21 - 3D Shoot


July 18-19  - 3D Shoot


August 15-16 -  Third Leg Southern Iowa Triple Crown + Regular 3D Shoot

Rangefinders are now allowed to be used at Hickory Ridge for all classes at all shoots.

We will NOT have separate classes for rangefinder use.   We have found so many people were using them even when not allowed - so now everyone can to make it fair.  Use one if you want, dont use if you dont want to - your choice.


2020 Southern Iowa Triple Crown




Scores from each leg of the Triple Crown will be added together - You must shoot all three events to win the overall.
Special door prizes will be given away randomly to those who compete in all three events and turn in all their score cards.
All 3 clubs reserve the right to double score, break up groups, and re-squad shooters as we see fit.
Random checks and inspections will also be made.

Award plaques will be made up for winners in each class in the overall and each club will also have their own awards for their respective leg.

Please email with any further questions or comments.