40 3-D Animal Targets
Full Size Deer, Elk,
Standing Bear, Caribou
African Game Animals
Alligator, Buffalo, Dinosaur and More!
Practice Bags Are Available

Scoring 12-10-8-5-0
Notice: We Use Center 12 Ring Scoring!

Meals Served
Great, fresh, hot food and cold drinks available

Registration Time
7:00 am - 12:00 pm
Range closes at 3:00 so please come early enough to finish by then
Anyone starting after 10 AM must start on target number 1
Awards given only after all shooters are in and done

Entry Fees: (sorry - no credit cards accepted)
Adults - $12.00
Youth 13 -16 - $8.00
12 and Under - Free with a Paying Adult

Many Trophies Awarded
Plenty of camping space available within one mile of range. Camping is not allowed on the archery range.


Open: Any sight, any stabilizer, any release

Unlimited: Fixed Pin Sight, No Scope, any stablilizer, any release

Limited: Fixed-Pin Sight, No Scope, any stabilizer, Finger release,

Hunter: Fixed Pin Sight, 12" or less Stabilizers, Screw-in Points

Advanced Hunter: Movable Sight( No Lens) 12" or less Stabilizers, Screw-in Points

Senior: 50+ years Old - Any sight, any stabilizer, any release

Primitive: Long or Recurve Bow, No Sights or Sight Markings

Women: Any sight, any stabilizer, any release

Youth: 13-16 years old

Cub: 8-12 years old

Pee-Wee: 7 and under

NASP: Genesis Bow, Genesis Arrows, FInger Release - No SIght - NASP equipment rules

Your Score Card is your receipt - please take one even if you don't plan to use it

Custom Classes Available for your Group or Business - Just Ask!

Shooting Stakes
Toe or some body part must touch stake as you shoot
Red Stake: Open, Unlimited
Yellow Stake: Limited, Hunter, Advanced Hunter, Senior
Blue Stake: Primitive, Women, Youth
White Stake: Cubs, Pee-Wees & NASP

Please Remember
Rangefinders are allowed at Hickory Ridge - Use one before you shoot, after you shoot or not at all - your choice!
One arrow per person per target - No second chances
Please be courteous and let others shoot through if your group is a little slower

Be Safe and Have FUN!



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